Dry Ice Blasting – On Site Contract Cleaning

Our Contract Cleaning Services offer an on site contracting service across the UK and abroad. We can arrange for the blasting equipment, the dry ice blasting media, a suitable compressed air supply and a team of trained and experienced operators to carry out professional dry ice blasting services at your premises.

The table below details a number of industries we work in, and the items we clean using Dry Ice. If your industry is not mentioned or you are unsure if Dry Ice would be suitable, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email to info@gleamgenie.co.uk or phone us direct on 01416375275

Aerospace industryRubber mark removal (Includes tarmac)Fibre glass hulls and hatch cleaningTurbine blade cleaningBrake component cleaningLanding gear cleaningGeneral equipment cleaningPaint removalGeneral/Electrical equipment cleaning
Automotive & Locomotive IndustryTunnel cleaningConduit cleaningGraffiti removalPipes/Tube cleaningCooling fan cleaningStem Line cleaningCarbon deposit removalPaint removalGeneral/Electrical equipment cleaning
Bitumen removalTank cleaningProduction valve cleaningBuilding cleaning/restorationTrucks/Terminal cleaning
Construction IndustryTar/Bitumen removalMould/Sea growth/Animal waste removalMortar/Cement removalCorrosive substances removalHeritage building restorationGeneral equipment cleaningPaint removalGeneral/Electrical equipment cleaning
Energy ServicesTurbine cleaningCompressor/Generator cleaningRotors/Statos cleaningInsulators/Field frame cleaningSubstation isolation cleaningGeneral equipment cleaningPaint removalGeneral/Electrical equipment cleaning
Fire DamageGeneral building restorationSoot and carbon deposit removal/DeodorisationPaint removalGeneral/electrical equipment cleaning
Food & Drink IndustryBakery equipment cleaningMoulds removalFilter cleaningConveyor belt cleaningOven cleaningProduction line cleaningElectrical switch gear cleaningTank cleaningPaint removalGeneral/Electrical equipment cleaning
Nuclear DecomissioningHair pin exchanger decontaminationSteam turbine decontaminationCooling pond paint decontaminationMotor tube decontaminationCondenser decontaminationHeat exchanger decontaminationPaint removalGeneral/Electrical equipment cleaning
Plastic & Rubber IndustryManifold cleaningInjection mould cleaningDies and cast cleaningMixers/Oven cleaningPlastic extruder screw/head cleaningConveyor belt cleaningPaint removalGeneral/Electrical equipment cleaning

There are many other applications the Gleam Genie dry ice blasting system can be used if your not sure if dry ice blasting is what you need then please send us an email to info@gleamgenie.co.uk or phone us direct on 01416375275

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